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SieMatic conmemora sus 90 años de historia / SieMatic – the Premium Brand Celebrates Its 90th Anniversary


SieMatic conmemora sus 90 años de historia -


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Las mejores imágenes de Cevisama 2019 (III).

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Las mejores imágenes de Cevisama 2019 (III).

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SieMatic, firma líder en el diseño e internacionalmente conocida por sus equipamientos de cocina cumple 90 años de historia y trayectoria en el sector.

Desde 1929 y siempre fiel a su filosofía, SieMatic celebra su 90º aniversario con mucha ilusión y más energía que nunca. Su compromiso por la innovación y la utilización de materiales de primerísima calidad han llevado a la firma hasta lo más alto en el mercado de equipamientos de cocina. Un reflejo, sin duda, de constancia y mucho trabajo.

Con el objetivo de diseñar cocinas que se conviertan en modelo a seguir, SieMatic ha crecido nacional e internacionalmente gracias a sus elegantes modelos y su concepto integral.  Bajo el lema “algo que alegre la vida”, sus cocinas con un diseño diferenciador y selecto se han convertido en mucho más que un lugar donde preparar deliciosos platos.

Pure, Urban y Classic, los tres mundos estilísticos de la firma, se caracterizan por la creación de un espacio único y funcional en el que se refleja la personalidad de los dueños. De este modo, la esencia de cada cocina mantiene un toque personal distinto en el diseño de la misma.  

SieMatic se encuentra en uno de sus mejores momentos, concidiendo con la celebración de sus 90 años de historia. Su pasión por las cosas bien hechas y su anhelo de superación diario deparán a la firma un futuro lleno de éxitos.

SieMatic was founded 90 years ago under the name of August Siekmann Möbelwerke in the town of Löhne, North Rhine-Westphalia. 90 years that the company summarizes in an anniversary motto: “Timeless by Tradition.” These three words describe what the premium kitchen manufacturer has stood for since its founding – design and quality that endure for many years rather than following short-lived trends. From the original kitchen sideboard to the first handle-free SieMatic and holistic furnishing concepts – until today, timeless elegance is the premise for every kitchen that leaves the factory.

Preferring the Best.

The company from Löhne has been manufacturing first-class kitchens since its founding in 1929, and began marketing its products under the brand name SieMatic in 1960. A lot has happened since then. At first nameless, the kitchen furniture pieces became desirable products manufactured by an established premium brand. What began as a small family firm is today an internationally active medium-sized company. This reflects years of successful growth that can undoubtedly be attributed to the guiding principle of the company’s founder August Siekmann: “Always ask yourself how we can make it better.” This corporate philosophy remains the basis for every product the company develops until today.

Always a Role Model.

Developments “Made by SieMatic” have had a long-term impact on the entire industry segment. For instance, SieMatic is not only recognized as the inventor of the handle-free kitchen. Until today, the company continues to set benchmark standards with regard to aesthetics, individuality, and functionality, especially when it comes to kitchen design. It is about the quality that is shown just as much in durability as in painstaking attention to details in the construction and finishing of every product. It is about form factors and materials that are beautiful and meet the challenges of daily use. And it is also about identifying the needs of customers and translating them into intelligent solutions that fulfill the demands of the international premium and luxury markets. SieMatic has won numerous prestigious awards for its sophisticated and innovative product design – from the iF Design Award and the Good Design Award to the Red Dot: Best of the Best Award, and the German Design Award in Gold.

More of a Living Environment than a Kitchen.

With the creation of the three style collections, PURE, URBAN and CLASSIC, SieMatic broke new ground in the area of kitchen planning. This leaves the realms of pure furniture design behind and enters the world of holistic space utilization concepts – kitchen interior design that adapts to the personal lifestyles of homeowners and provides orientation. For instance, the PURE style collection stands for minimalism, harmony, and exclusive materials. The URBAN style collection is characterized by particularly flexible and intuitive planning with freestanding pieces – as in the case of the award-winning SieMatic 29, the reinterpretation of the classic kitchen sideboard. Characteristic for the CLASSIC style collection is the masterly combination of tradition and modernity, which is above all visible in the creative material mix of elements in metal and glass.

The Reinvention of the Handle-Free Kitchen.

In time for the anniversary year (Q2) orders can also be taken for the latest addition to the PURE style collection – the new handle-free SieMatic. The key element of this extraordinary kitchen concept is an entirely new development, the SieMatic recessed grip. The special features of this are an ergonomic grip angle, an ideal haptic experience, and the individually controllable lighting strips integrated in the shadow gap. Complemented by transparent surfaces, a slender form factor, and exquisite veneers, the concept once again shows the extraordinary understanding of the meaning of design at SieMatic.

At Home around the Globe.

Today, SieMatic is represented in more than 60 countries on all continents. Every year, SieMatic opens up to 50 new studios or completely refurbishes and upgrades existing sites around the world. In 2017/2018, for example, in Vienna, Mainz, Tokyo, Malmö, Darmstadt, Dublin, Singapore, Hamburg, Moscow, Sydney, Munich, Ho Chi Minh City, Zurich, Cannes, Frankfurt, Paris, and Suzhou. 2019 will see the opening of numerous new studios that promise a premium customer experience that only SieMatic can offer. SieMatic is also a welcome partner for the realization of prestigious large-scale projects on an international scale. SieMatic-branded kitchens can be found, for instance, in the residences of the “Baccarat Hotel” in New York, the “Ritz Carlton Residences” in Chicago, and in the “New Babylon” city-in-the city concept in The Hague.

A Special Year and a Very Promising Future.

The spotlight in 2019 will be tightly focused on the 90th anniversary, which will reach its climax in September with the SieMatic Forum. The motto “Timeless by Tradition” will also be taking center stage at international events and trade fairs in major cities such as Cologne, Brussels, Shanghai, Milan, Paris, and Beijing. The anniversary is also an opportunity for thanking our dealers, partners, and end-customers for their trust and loyalty with a series of special events and offers. After all, a high proportion of the customers who buy a SieMatic today grew up in families with a SieMatic. Many dealers and partners have been working together for generations with the company that has been owner-managed for the last 90 years.

The positive development of the company is planned to continue into the future. “The exceptionally high standards we are committed to with regard to quality, functionality, materials, finishing, and design will further sharpen the profile of SieMatic and enable us to deliver more and more new and innovative solutions for the realization of individual wishes and needs,” reports Ulrich W. Siekmann, CEO SieMatic, in his outlook for the coming years.

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