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ABK abre nuevas fronteras a partir de los grandes formatos / ABK is focused on large sizes which open up new frontiers


ABK abre nuevas fronteras a partir de los grandes formatos - EL PERIÓDICO DEL AZULEJO


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Cersaie 2017 en su tercera jornada de feria.

Ver galería completa

Cersaie 2017 en su tercera jornada de feria.

Ver galería completa

Cersaie 2017 en su tercera jornada de feria.

Ver galería completa

ABK ha mostrado en Cersaie 2017 sus últimos proyectos y tendencias en un estand comercial de 500 metros cuadrados completamente dividido en dos áreas: la primera, el Hub, o laboratorio de ideas, donde los visitantes podían explorar nuevos materiales cerámicos; el otro fue el área Lifestyle, en el que los productos fueron transformados por los diseñadores de interiores en expresiones consumadas de estilo de vida, subrayando la versatilidad de las piezas de gran tamaño como superficies de mobiliario.

Las nuevas dimensiones de las baldosas cerámicas están cambiando las reglas del diseño. Apenas un año después del estreno de Wide, ABK presenta nuevas posibilidades creativas. Wide & Style es el proyecto a medidad de ABK Ceramiche que reúne las prestaciones tecnológicas y decorativas de las cerámicas y paneles de gran tamaño.

En colaboración con un equipo de jóvenes diseñadores, ABK crea su propio estilo distintivo basado en un caleidoscopio de ideas gráficas: geometrías, motivos florales, el mundo del lujo e incluso una serie de diseños de azulejos listos para colorear..

Por su parte, Sensi Wide, la colección de cerámica marmórea de ABK, se está expandiendo con la suma de modelos como Grand Antique y los prestigiosos mármoles blancos White Dolomia y Stataturio Apuano, que también están disponibles en una versión de Endless Match para garantizar la continuidad estética.

Una de las nuevas colecciones más soprendentes de ABK Ceramiche es Gent, inspirada en la estética de la piedra Pierre Blue de la región de Flandes. La elegancia informal del producto se ve reforzada por texturas sofisticadas y efectos tridimensionales creados mediante la tecnología digital Full HD. Finalmente, LAB 325 es una colección con un estilo urbano y contemporáneo que hace hincapié en la variabilidad estética del hormigón. Las diversas soluciones presentes en la colección se inspiran tanto en las superficies de yeso alisadas como en las impresiones que el encofrado deja en el hormigón, así como en las cualidades decorativas de las baldosas de cemento.

ABK unveiled at Cersaie its latest projects and trends in a completely revolutionised 500 square metre stand divided into two macro areas: one was the Hub, or laboratory of ideas, where visitors could explore new ceramic materials; the other was the Lifestyle area where products are transformed by interior designers into accomplished expressions of living style, underscoring the versatility of large-size panels as furnishing surfaces.

The new dimensions are changing the rules of design. Just one year on from the debut of the Wide collection, ABK is presenting fresh creative possibilities that set it apart from other companies specialising in large-size tiles. Wide&Style is the on-demand project from ABK Ceramiche which brings together the technological and decorative qualities of large-size slabs and panels. Working with a team of young designers, ABK creates its own distinctive Style based on a kaleidoscope of graphic ideas: geometries, floral patterns, the world of luxury and even a series of tile designs ready for colouring in keeping with the colouring book phenomenon, enabling visitors to enjoy an authentic colour therapy experience.

Sensi Wide, ABK's marble-effect ceramic tile collection, is expanding with the addition of rare and more decorative varieties such as Grand Antique and the prestigious white marbles White Dolomia and Stataturio Apuano, which are also available in an Endless Match version to guarantee continuity of the vein effect after installation.

One of the most exciting new collections is Gent, inspired by the aesthetics of Pierre Bleue stone from the Flanders region and reproducing fascinating marked and timeworn surfaces. The product's informal elegance is enhanced by sophisticated textures and three-dimensional effects created by means of full HD digital technology. LAB 325 is a collection with an urban and contemporary style that emphasises the aesthetic variability of concrete. The various solutions present in the collection are inspired both by smoothed plaster surfaces and by the impressions that formwork leaves on concrete, as well as the decorative qualities of cement tiles.


Sensi Wide is a constantly-evolving collection of marble-effect large-format ceramic panels which ABK intends to expand in the future with the addition of new types of surfaces. The company has used the revolutionary Continua+ technology to recreate the unique appeal and elegance of marble on a ceramic panel with a thickness of just 7 mm and a record large size of 160x320 cm. This extremely versatile collection has a contemporary mood and is ideal for creating elegant and stylish solutions based on the combined use of the different kinds of surfaces in the range.

A classic of interior design, Statuario Ultra stands out for its luminous white surface traversed by characteristic veins. Pietra Grey provides exceptional elegance thanks to the contrast between the dark background and the purity of the contrasting veins, while the Arabesque Silver surface inspired by Orobico marble comes in a trendy grey colour. Amongst the selection of warm colours, Onice Beige is ideal for a highly decorative use, especially in the 160x320 cm size Book Match version. The elegant ivory colour of Calacatta Gold is enhanced by the characteristic gold vein, while the sophisticated shade of Sahara Cream allows this surface to be combined with both warm and cool colours to create interesting light-shade contrasts suitable for different kinds of spaces.

In 2018 the collection is being expanded in terms of whites with the addition of White Dolomia, a minimalist style marble with a directional vein pattern, and Statuario Apuano, which stands out for its elegant grey veins and is also available in an Endless Match version (A, B and C) to ensure graphic continuity when used in large spaces. Finally, Grand Antique is a reinterpretation of a rare and prestigious, highly decorative marble with a distinctive white and black contrast.

The new Sensi range also caters for the needs of the countertop & furniture segment. With this in mind, the 160x320 cm panel in the selected marble varieties is now available not only in a high-gloss lux+ finish but also in a satin version.


Wide&Style is the new on-demand collection from ABK Ceramiche bringing together the qualities of large panels and high-resolution digital decoration. Its unique blend of innovative technologies and creativity lends a distinctive, personal look to any project.

ABK underscores its Style with offerings spanning geometries, floral patterns and the world of luxury. To emphasise the decorative potential and practicality of ceramic surfaces, the ABK Style Department has created a series of graphic designs to be coloured on the tiles inspired by the viral phenomenon of Colouring Books.

The Wide&Style collection features a kaleidoscope of graphic effects that stand out for their taste, style and inspiration. Based on the creativity of young graphic artists, illustrators and product designers, these surfaces are capable of transforming spaces with an artistic and original touch. In particular, the designers from Officinarkitettura drew inspiration from the history of Italian architecture and reinterpreted the details in a contemporary style. The style of Margherita Leonardi recreates the traditions of far-off locations in an utterly contemporary mood; the neo-minimalism of Riccardo Palazzi stands out for its two-dimensionality and creative use of colour; and an original reinterpretation of the patterns of classical architecture underpins the work of Marco Taietta.

Wide&Style is part of the large-format tile collection produced by ABK using Continua+ technology in sizes up to a record 160x320 cm. The revolutionary dry pressing system produces high-quality soft-touch porcelain surfaces with exceptional technical performance. In particular, these tiles are tough, lightweight (thanks to their thickness of just 7 mm) and easy to work with. The Wide&Style panels can be produced either in the cold-pressed Digit version or in the Digit+ version which includes a firing process to make them resistant to chemicals and UV radiation, ideal for use in any kind of residential or commercial space, from bathrooms through to exterior façades.

Along with the material’s technical qualities, ABK adds all the exclusivity of a new on-demand service. Customers intending to personalise their interior design projects will receive a computer rendering based on the submitted dimensions along with the instructions for cutting and correctly installing the ceramic panels. Wide&Style solutions can also be easily combined with ABK floor tiles to complete any project flawlessly.

Wide&Style comes in various patterns and is available in 160x320 cm and 120x240 cm sizes and a pre-cut 60x120 cm version.


The Gent collection is inspired by the distinctive allure of Nordic stone, in particular the Pierre Bleue variety typical of the Flanders, which ABK is proposing in an utterly new version with an aged, timeworn appearance. Ceramic is transformed into reclaimed stone with a scratched, stained surface, giving it unique appeal that brings together heritage and modernity. In keeping with the contrasts typical of the latest interior design trends, Gent can play a key role even in the most minimalist locations.

The informal elegance of the surface is enhanced by unique textures created by extremely high-resolution digital decoration that simulates the process of cutting and reassembling natural stone. Line evokes the look of deep, linear and directional manual chisel marks with a striking three-dimensional effect. Sliver offers a contemporary reinterpretation of the patterns of Opus Incertum mosaic, the distinctive grout work fitting in with the graphic trend of reconstructed fragments.

Gent comes in 4 colours, from the Dark and Blue tones typical of the original stone through to the more neutral shades Ash and Rope. With its wide range of sizes the collection is ideal for customising both residential and commercial projects and comes in 3 different thicknesses: 7 mm, 9 mm and a 20 mm grip thickness that lends style to outdoor spaces.

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