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Los diseños de Ariana, centro de atención en Cersaie / Informal design from Ariana takes the spotlight at Cersaie

El fabricante propone tecnología cerámica de vanguardia y un recorrido por materiales inspirados en la naturaleza / Cutting-edge ceramic technology and a journey through materials inspired by nature and the positive energy of colour


Los diseños de Ariana, centro de atención en Cersaie -


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Cersaie 2017 en imágenes.

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Cersaie 2017 en imágenes.

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Cersaie 2017 en imágenes.

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En Cersaie 2017, Ariana recibió a sus clientes internacionales con un estand rediseñado y con una personalidad diferenciada. Combinando una cálida bienvenida con un elemento de sorpresa, la exposición ofreció a los profesionales desplazados hasta Bolonia un viaje fascinante a través de un moderno pueblo de chozas de madera de abedul, un lugar donde los visitantes pudieron relajarse al descubrir ideas y nuevos materiales que se prestan a utilizar en nuevas combinaciones de acuerdo con las últimas tendencias estilísticos.
Las colecciones Essential y Horizon, presentadas por primera vez en la feria estadounidense Coverings 2017, forman parte de este viaje material y recrean la calidez de la madera natural y la elegancia intemporal del travertino. Mineral es otra de las nuevas colecciones de Ariana, que redescubre la piedra como un material vivo y versátil. Las pizarras en particular son la fuente principal de inspiración gráfica detrás de esta colección mostrada en Bolonia, que ofrece un poso sedimentario magistralmente reproducida por la tecnología digital 3D que simula la desigualdad natural de la piedra sobre la superficie lisa de la cerámica.
Añadiendo un toque de novedad a la gama de materiales de Ariana, la colección Worn se inspira en el cuero viejo de los sofás Chesterfield, en una paleta de colores que van desde tonos de cuero hasta la superficie de aspecto industrial del hormigón. Las cualidades plásticas del yeso, junto con la fuerza creativa de los nuevos colores de tendencia, son las características que inspiraron la superficie de Energy, otra de las colecciones desveladas en Cersaie. Se compone de W&P.

At Cersaie 2017, Ariana has welcomed visitors to a completely redesigned stand with a distinctive personality. Combining a warm welcome with an element of surprise, the exhibit offers a fascinating journey through a modern village of birch wood huts, a place where visitors can relax while discovering ideas and new materials that lend themselves to use in novel combinations in keeping with the latest trends.

The Essential and Horizon collections, first unveiled at Coverings 2017, are part of this material journey and recreate respectively the warmth of natural wood and the timeless elegance of travertine. Mineral is the new collection from Ariana that rediscovers stone as a living, versatile material. Slates in particular are the main source of graphic inspiration behind the collection, which has a fascinating sedimentary look masterfully reproduced by 3D digital technology simulating the natural unevenness of stone on the smooth surface of ceramic.

With the new Essential collection, Ariana rediscovers all the natural appeal of wood. The series is inspired by the natural materials used in furnishing and architecture and in particular by untreated wood, which is ideal for creating warm, welcoming atmospheres.

Essential comes in a palette of four colours. Almond is the palest tone, designed to enhance the luminosity of interiors. The colour Beige stands out for its understated elegance that blends in perfectly with the most varied styles of furnishing. Oak is the warmest and most intense colour in the range, while Grey is the ideal version for spaces with a contemporary design.

The elegant colours of the Essential collection are the perfect addition to the Ariana catalogue and are ideal for experimenting with different combinations of materials and colours, an operation that is facilitated by the range of rectified modular sizes present in the various collections. The new decorative solutions such as the Rombo 30 format and the mesh-mounted Mosaico Rombo allow users to explore new and visually-striking layouts.

Essential is also the result of Ariana’s most advanced ceramic technologies, WIDE and Auto-leveling. The two Essential 20x120 cm and 26x200 cm plank sizes, obtained from WIDE ceramic panels, are produced using Continua+ technology, a revolutionary pressing system that uses dry compaction of raw materials to create surfaces with extraordinary technical qualities. Due to their size, their 7 mm thickness and the natural plasticity of the ceramic bodies, the porcelain planks have a high degree of flexibility. Thanks to this elasticity, Essential adheres perfectly to the screed and self-levels after laying, guaranteeing excellent flatness and a perfect installation every time.

Adding a touch of novelty to Ariana's range of materials, the Worn collection is inspired by the old leather of Chesterfield sofas in a palette of colours ranging from distinctive leather shades through to the industrial-look surface of concrete. The plastic qualities of plaster coupled with the creative force of the new trend colours are the characteristics that inspired Energy, the other collection unveiled at Cersaie. It consists of W&P, the exclusive material that combines the advantages and strength of porcelain with the low weight and ease of installation of monoporosa


The Mineral ceramic tile collection from Ariana rediscovers stone as a living, versatile material, ideal for use in contemporary, trendy moodboards. It is inspired principally by slate, a surface that is widely used in European – and especially Nordic – architecture.

The fascinating sedimentary texture of the panels reproduces a harmonious blend of rocks sourced from different locations and a 3D digital effect that recreates the natural unevenness of the original stone surface on the smooth ceramic. The result is an elegant, minimalist tile with all the strength and consistency of the original material.

Ideal for complex projects in both residential and commercial settings, the Mineral collection comes in the three colours Greige, Fog and Graphite and a range of sizes from 120x240 cm down to the smallest 10x30 cm "brick" size, allowing it to adapt easily to any application, including outdoor locations. For this purpose, Mineral is available with a non-slip surface in a 60x120 cm rectified size and 20 mm thickness.


The new Horizon collection from Ariana rediscovers the timeless beauty of cross-cut travertine, an elegant and decorative material with a powerful but heterogeneous directional pattern. Produced in the Wide range of sizes and a thickness of just 7 mm using Continua+ technology, Horizon recreates a modern marble effect with contemporary colours inspired by the world of resins and concretes.

Available in four colours and matt and lux+ versions, Horizon is ideal for contemporary and metropolitan contexts where it contrasts appealingly with the most modern surfaces. The Smoke, Beige, White and Grey colours all exploit the highly directional nature of the surface pattern to give a distinctive look to floors and walls. They also open up new decorative potential when used in conjunction with the other material effects that are already present in the Ariana catalogue, such as wood and concrete.

Highly eclectic and ever attentive to new home décor solutions, Ariana has also chosen to produce Horizon in the new Rombo (rhombus) version with a side length of 30 cm, which lends unique graphic appeal to the different installation patterns. This stylistic solution transforms a classic material into a new trend-setting product.

The Wide sizes available in a large 120x240 cm panel and submultiples can be used as surface coverings in large residential and commercial spaces. The panels are available either with a natural surface or in the new Lux+ version, the exclusive finish used by Ariana to increase gloss level and make the surface more resistant to dirt and wear. Alongside the 7 mm Wide formats, two more conventional sizes are available in a 9 mm thickness and with a lightly textured finish, intended mainly for installation in smaller spaces.

The outstanding technical and aesthetic qualities of the Horizon Wide panels make them ideal for installation on glued or ventilated exterior facades. They also offer exceptional scope for use in custom interior design projects in residential applications and in contract furnishing and retail sectors.

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