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Pamesa recrea la naturaleza en piezas ‘XL’ / Pamesa embodies nature in large formats


Pamesa recrea la naturaleza en piezas ‘XL’ -

Pamesa recrea la naturaleza en piezas ‘XL’ -


La policromía del paisaje. El sonido del agua. La textura de las rocas. La naturaleza seduce, inspira y evoluciona. Fuente inagotable de inspiración, las nuevas creaciones de Pamesa Cerámica beben de la belleza del medio natural para crear colecciones cerámicas polivantes e innovadoras. Cromat como proyección de la naturaleza, en constante transformación.

Este proyecto avanza y se desarrolla, de la misma manera que el ser humano crece y madura durante su vida. La experiencia vital nos hace evolucionar haciendo que cada momento coincida con un Cromat diferente. Una colección multiformato, elaborada en gres porcelánico, que toma impulso con ocho series más que la azulejera presenta en Italia.

La evocación de piedras naturales toma protagonismo con Cr Amarna, que exalta las cualidades excepcionales del alabastro madreperla, acentuando su significativo grafismo e impronta elegancia. Procedente de las orillas del lago italiano de Iseo, Cr Gransasso reproduce, en superficie mate y en los colores blanco y negro, la grandeza del Ceppo di Gré, una roca sedimentaria caracterizada por grandes cantos incrustados muy recurrente en la arquitectura italiana en la que se inspira también Cr Ceppo, radiante y con luz propia, que transmite con fidelidad el brillo de su gama de colores neutros.

Por su parte, Cr Ascolano llega desde la Toscana italiana a la cerámica, una versión excepcional y más contemporánea del Fior di Bosco, un mármol refinado y sobrio. Partiendo de este mismo material noble, pero con la suntuosidad del mármol arabesco, lanza Cr Niro, de vetas intensas y profundas que resaltan entre un fondo blanco cristalino. El exclusivo granito brasileño toma forma en la serie Cr Manaos, que evoca el encanto de estas superficies imponentes para vivir en simbiosis con la naturaleza.

Las superficies de pizarra constituyen el punto de partida de Cr Ardesia, que ofrece desde colores cálidos procedentes de las tierras de Gales, hasta más fríos y neutros como el negro de origen alemán.

Cromat como colección viva, en constante crecimiento, para crear entornos sinónimo de bienestar con piezas de 90x180, 120x120, 60x120 y 75x75 centímetros, que se suman a los grandes formatos ya existentes, que posibilitan su uso tanto en aplicaciones domésticas como en grandes proyectos. Pamesa también apuesta por el equilibrio de Eden, que amplía con nuevas referencias para revestimiento (40x120 centímetros) y para pavimento (75x75 centímetros). Elegantes soluciones cerámicas elaboradas en pasta blanca que se combinan con superficies en relieve, que armonizan sus colores a los de las bases, entre los que predominan los tonos avorio y ceniza.


La jornada inaugural de Cersaie contará con la visita al estand de Pamesa de Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, La prestigiosa diseñadora conocerá en primera persona las áreas Pamesa by Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, espacios surgidos del talento de la autora y caracterizados por acabados originales y colores vitaminados,

The colourful palette of the landscape. The sound of water. The texture of stones. Nature seduces, inspires and evolves. A never-ending source of inspiration, Pamesa Cerámica’s new creations draw inspired by the beauty of the natural environment to create multi-faceted innovative collections. Cromat as an extension of nature, constantly transforming. A project that grows and develops, just as we grow and mature throughout our lives. And because we evolve as our experiences shape us, there is a different Cromat for every moment in our lives.

Pamesa adds eight new series to this evolving multi-format collection in porcelain gres, presented at the Cersaie trade fair in Bologna, Italy, from 24 to 28 September.

The essence of natural stone takes centre stage in Cr Amarna, a series that highlights the exceptional qualities of mother-of-pearl and alabaster, showcasing their exceptional patterns and characteristic elegance. From the shores of Italy’s Lake Iseo, Cr Gransasso reproduces the majesty of Ceppo di Gré, a sedimentary rock known for its large incrusted pebbles often seen in Italian buildings, and available in black and white with a matte finish. Italian architecture is also the inspiration behind Cr Ceppo, radiant and with an inherent light, which faithfully conveys the sheen of its neutral colour range.  

Cr Ascolano comes to ceramics from Tuscany, an exceptional contemporary version of the refined, discreet marble Fior di Bosco. The same exquisite material, but this time the magnificent arabesque marble, is the inspiration for Cr Niro, a series with deep, intense veins standing out on a crystalline white background. The Cr Manaos series references the exclusivity of Brazilian granite, conjuring up the charm of its imposing surfaces for a life in harmony with nature.

Slate textures are emulated in Cr Ardesia, offering a range of colours from warm Welsh tones to the cooler, neutral German shades, the origin of the black slate in this series. Luxury and balance are equally present in Cr Rust, a creation inspired by the prized Venetian mirrors of the eighteenth century, especially those of the Islands of Murano.

A living collection, Cromat is constantly growing to create environments that personify well being with pieces in 90×180, 120×120, 60×120 and 75×75 centimetre formats, in addition to the large formats already available, making it an ideal solution for both domestic and large projects. Technology from Pamesa serving architecture: porcelain gres surfaces designed to stand the test of time.

When less is more

Tranquillity and balanced colours are at the heart of the Eden collection, which Pamesa has enriched with new references for both walls (40x120 centimetres) and floors (75x75 centimetres). Elegant solutions in white body ceramic tile that combine perfectly with relief surfaces, harmonising its colours with predominantly ivory and ash base tones.

And finally, new porcelain gres series enhance the Essential collection with a contemporary touch in natural stone textures, the unique features of rosewood, and distinctive cement-like surfaces, all in 120x120 and 60x120 centimetre formats.

Visit from Agatha Ruiz de la Prada

The opening day of the Cersaie fair at the Pamesa stand will be marked by a visit from the celebrated prestigious designer Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, who has worked hand in hand with the Pamesa Cerámica team for more than 20 years. Agatha will visit the exhibition stand on Monday 24 September to discover the latest in wall and floor coverings with her own eyes. She will explore the ‘Pamesa by Agatha Ruiz de la Prada’ areas, where vibrant colours, original reliefs and expressive shapes embodied in ceramics take centre stage. Vía Cuore and Vía Agatha are the names of the collection that blends the charm and personality of encaustic tiles with the joy and energy of Agatha’s colour palette. Agatha Coeur and Mille Cuori capture her emblematic icons, transferring their volume to wall tiles.

A wide range of possibilities for you to discover at Pamesa’s exhibition area in Cersaie, located in hall 14, stand B19-C20 at Bologna Fiere.

Pamesa Cerámica is the parent company of the Pamesa Group, committed to leading the field in design, manufacture and marketing of ceramic products that meet its customers’ needs and guarantee excellent value for money and design.

With over 45 years of experience, the Pamesa Group has installations covering more than 700,000 m², an annual turnover of 584,000,000 euros and an annual production capacity exceeding 74,300,000 m².

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