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El Periódico del Azulejo | Miércoles, 20 de junio de 2018


Nuevos récords de Indian Ceramics & Ceramics Asia 2017 / Indian Ceramics & Ceramics Asia 2017 sets new records

El certamen internacional supera los 7.100 visitantes, con un incremento de más del 12% / 7100+ visitors, an increase of more than 12 percent



Indian Ceramics & Ceramics Asia, en su segunda edición como evento simultáneo, ha establecido nuevos récords con la participación de 7.110 visitantes profesionales y 283 expositores en el Centro de Exposiciones de la Universidad de Gujarat en Ahmedabad (India), un evento que se ha desarrollado entre el 1 y el 3 de marzo de 2017.

El resultado del certamen, tal y como explican fuentes de la organización, ha sido un balance más que positivo por parte de expositores y asistentes, ya que se han registrado aumentos en todas las cifras relevantes del certamen: número de visitantes, de expositores y la superficie total de espacio expositivo. En total, participaron en la cita más de 400 marcas de maquinaria, materias primas, soluciones innovadoras y tecnología para la industria cerámica.

Entre las firmas participantes cabe destacar a EFI Cretaprint, Fritta, De Boer, Imerys, Sabo, SACMI, SITI oTorrecid.

Indian Ceramics & Ceramics Asia, in their second edition as co-located event, set new records by bringing 7,110 trade visitors and 283 exhibitors together at the Gujarat University Exhibition Centre in Ahmedabad, Gujarat from March 1 to 3, 2017.

Exhibitors and visitors were extremely satisfied with the presentation of technologies and the accompanying events. Increases were recorded in all important areas—the number of visitors, the number of exhibitors and the total amount of exhibition space, and companies showcased over 400 brands of machinery, raw materials, innovative solutions and technologies for the ceramics industry.

Exhibitors included domestic and international companies such as efi Cretaprint, De Boer, Imerys, Sabo, SACMI, Fritta, SITI and Torrecid as well as Ashapura Minechem Ltd., Astron Zircon Pvt Ltd, Floorex Ltd., J L Daga Mines & Minerals Pvt Ltd, H&R Johnson., Sol Inks Pvt Ltd. along with leading companies from China Jiangmen Shuangyi Abrasive Co., Ltd. Aokerola Group, Guangdong Eding Industrial Co., Ltd. Modena Technology Limited, Foshan DLT Technology Co., Ltd. Foshan Henglitai Machinery Co., Ltd. ,Monte-Bianco Diamond Applications Co., Ltd.

Gerhard Gerritzen, Member of the Management Board at Messe München, and Amen Liao, President of Unifair Exhibition Service, are encouraged by the success of this event. "Thanks to these results, we have set a milestone. Indian Ceramics & Ceramics Asia has established itself as number one for the ceramics industry in the Asian region. Increases in all areas do an impressive job of confirming that this is an indispensible platform for the ceramics industry."

"The cooperation between Indian Ceramics and Ceramics Asia was the right decision and had already fruitful results in the last year. The exhibition is an important showcase to show our technologies to the Indian Market.”

“The Italian Companies represent the best partners for local companies interested in increasing the added value of their products, the automation and sustainability of production. This year the quality of the show increased and we are satisfied about the number and quality of visitors." Stated by Emilio Benedetti, Vice President of Acimac and Ceo of LB Officine Meccaniche


Indian Ceramics & Ceramics Asia was larger than ever, occupying almost 12,000 square meters of space, an increase of more than 30 percent. The exhibition also set a new record in the number of visitors: For the first time ever, more than 7,110 attended the exhibition. According to Igor Palka, COO of Messe München India, and Ken Wong, General Manager of Unifair Exhibition Service: "A significant economic growth in India is the driving force behind these increases. Demand for high-quality products in the ceramics industry is on the rise. Corresponding machines and systems are needed to manufacture these products, and they are available here." Exhibitors not only praised the further increase in the number of exhibitors, but above all their professionalism and the positions they hold at their companies.

“This has been our fifth consecutive year of participation at Indian Ceramics & Ceramics Asia and we are extremely satisfied with our participation. The quality and quantity of visitor footfall is very good and the trade fair gives us a great platform to network with industry experts from different countries” said by Dr.Chandresh Agarwal, Managing Director, Imerys Ceramic. He added: Indian Ceramics undisputedly is one of the best trade fairs for the ceramics community”“It is a great platform to interact with the entire Indian ceramics industry and our customers. I must take this opportunity to congratulate Messe Muenchen India, who has been able to offer excellent business, knowledge and networking opportunities – all under one roof!
Said By Mr. Manu Khosla, Managing Partner, Floorex

“We are participating at Indian Ceramics & Ceramics Asia for the first time and found it to be the right platform for our business. We met industry experts, right throughout the value chain, from raw material to finished products to machinery. We wish that the exhibition grows in the coming years, offering us right platform to acquire relevant information and subsequently grow our business” Said by Abhay Kumar Jha, General Manager, ASHAPURA Minechem Limited

“We are pleased with our participation and met delegations coming from Morbi, Thangarh and other industrial hubs. This event is very important for our business and we will return to meet new customers. We congratulate the organizers for offering us such a valuable platform” Said Mr.Sunil Mistry, General Manager, 20 Microns

Indian Ceramics & Ceramics Asia is industry’s only dedicated exhibition where we meet our buyers and connect with industry stakeholders. Since past many years, we have been able to expand our business by meeting right customers at the event. We also found networking programs, conferences and workshops to be highly informative. A must event for anybody from ceramics and brick industry. This year there was a rise in international visitors from across Asia.
Said Mr.Vinayak M. Tambwekar, Senior General Manager - Sales & Marketing, H&R Johnson (ENDURA)
“We met the right buyers from the ceramic building material and architecture sector, who attended to witness innovative solutions” said Dhananjay Singh Marketing Manager Torrecid India. He added:"We are happy to present out products at Indian Ceramics & Ceramics Asia, which proved to be a great platform for all ceramic manufacturers in the country."
“We have been participating at the exhibition since its inception in India. We strongly believe in the value of exhibitions has been able to connect us with the stakeholders of Indian ceramics market. Each year, we meet high quality clients and benefitted from networking events held during the exhibition. We launched S-M-A-R-T After Kiln Solutions, Deep processing – reversed production line and Full dry squaring and chamfering line. Our innovative and eco-friendly range of solutions generated a lot of interest from Indian buyers. Said by Arking Feng, Chairman ,Guangdong Eding Industrial Co. Ltd.
We have been active in India since past eleven years, presently having more than 300 customers from the region. Each year we return to India with the event to re-connect with our clients. This year we launched our new range of products including MODENA W:3850 which focuses on innovative technology. We met many customers and had busy three days at the event. Next year we expect to take up bigger stand and meet more potential buyers from India and overseas. Said by Benjamin Chan, Chairman/General Manager MODENA Technology Limited
We find it very important to be present at Indian Ceramics and with every trade fair, we return with more products and a bigger booth, as our business keeps growing. We found workshops and conferences to be highly informative as well. Said By Frank Lee, Overseas Sales Director, Monte Bianco
First-rate supporting program
Besides the exhibition, visitors attending Indian Ceramics & Ceramics Asia also enjoyed a first rate program of conferences and related events about the latest research results, trends and recommendations for day-to-day operations. As a result, Indian Ceramics & Ceramics Asia further strengthened their role as an expert forum and knowledge hub. The Innovation Exchange Forum received a great deal of attention and was very well received on all three days of the exhibition. Well-known representatives of the ceramics industry made 30-minute presentations and discussed challenges and future concepts for the Asian market. On behalf of the other speakers (and visitors), Mr. K.D.Sanghavi from Interkiln Industries Limited summed things up
as follows: "We are keen to understand the market dynamics, understand current trends and meet potential buyers. By participating at Indian Ceramics, we have been able to meet all our participation objectives. We also attended the Innovation Exchange, cfi – Ceramics Forum International and brick industry workshop and found it highly informative and relevant to our business."

Networking programs Buyer-Seller Forum, which was organized by Indian Ceramics & Ceramics Asia for the first time ever, generated huge interest and reported strong participation. Top decision makers conducted over 150 face-to-face meetings with the exhibitors. Among many others, the following companies participated as buyers Roca Bathroom Products Pvt Ltd, Kohler India Corporation Ltd.,Soka Ukrain , Cera Sanitaryware , Paradise Sanitaryware Pvt Ltd to name a few.
Mr. Mayur Doshi, Managing Director Paradise Group was very happy with the Buyer-Seller Forum ,he said “We are manufacturers of ceramic sanitaryware since 1972 and have come to the Buyer Seller forum as we know that this will definitely be a value-add. It is indeed a wonderful experience for both the buyers and sellers, as the organizers are conducting meetings which are 'free appointments', and everything has been on-time and the organization of these meetings is perfect. We are getting a good response and hopefully this will similarly be a great success for the event.”

Another popular event was the iBaRT(India Brick and Roof Tile Exhibition) Workshop titled "Mechanization of Traditional Indian Clay Brick Industry: Challenges and Opportunities", which focused on the current and future significance of the heavy clay sector, one of the industry's key segments. One of the leading supplier of machinery and installations for Brick Industry De Bore Damle Indian Private Limited, Mr. Anand Damle, Managing Director, said “We supply machines for soft moulding bricks and our customers are mainly the brick makers. At Indian Ceramics & Ceramics Asia we met potential customers and displayed our new technology. We also attended the brick workshop where we learnt latest trends and market knowledge.”
Indian Ceramics & Ceramics Asia is organized by Messe München India, a subsidiary of Messe München, and Unifair Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. in China.

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