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El Periódico del Azulejo | Viernes, 25 de mayo de 2018


La maquinaria cerámica italiana pulveriza sus récords / Ceramic machinery: Italy grows by +60%



La industria 4.0 está impulsando un auge en la tecnología de la cerámica italiana, con tasas de crecimiento nunca antes vistas hasta la fecha. Las ventas de maquinaria cerámica a los fabricantes cerámicos italianos han crecido con doble dígito durante los últimos tres trimestres.

A finales de septiembre de 2016, el Centro de Estudios Acimac (la patronal transalpina de fabricantes italianos de maquinaria), informó de un crecimiento de 35,5% con respecto al mismo trimestre del año anterior, seguido por un crecimiento del 21,8% durante el último trimestre de 2016.

La tónica alcista del sector ha continuado en 2017. De hecho, durante los primeros tres meses de este año se han registrado cifras récord, con un crecimiento de la facturación de las ventas en Italia del 60,6%, respecto de los resultados del primer trimestre de 2016.

Estas excelentes cifras de ventas nacionales han impulsado las cifras globales del trimestre, que se han cerrado con un incremento positivo del 13,3%. Las exportaciones, que representan el 80% de las ventas totales de la maquinaria italiana, se mantuvieron estables, tras registrar una tendencia positiva de +48% en el último trimestre de 2016.

El presidente de Acimac, Paolo Sassi, ha relatado que "Estamos viviendo una explosión real de interés en las tecnologías más recientes e innovadoras". "Muchos de nuestros miembros ya han completado su agenda de pedidos para 2017 y ya están programando entregas para los primeros meses de 2018", revela.

Industry 4.0 is driving a boom in Italian ceramic technology, with rates of growth never seen before. Sales of ceramic machinery to domestic clients has grown by double digits over the last three quarters.

In late September 2016, the Acimac (Association of Italian Manufacturers of Machinery and Equipment for Ceramics) Study Centre reported industry-wide growth of +35.5% over the same quarter of the previous year, followed by growth of 21.8% in the last quarter of 2016.

The first three months of this year have registered record breaking figures, with growth in domestic sales turnover of +60.6%, over the first quarter results for 2016.

These outstanding domestic sales figures have driven the overall figures for the quarter, which closed with an increase of +13.3%. Exports, which account for 80% of total sales, remained stable, after registering a positive trend of +48% in the last quarter of 2016.

“Already last year, hyper-amortisation gave a boost to the Italian market," says Paolo Sassi, President of Acimac, "and now we're seeing a real explosion of interest in the most recent, innovative technologies.”

“Many of our members," Sassi goes on, "already have practically full order books for 2017, and they're already scheduling deliveries for the early months of 2018.”

“We hope that the new incentives continue to be offered, because it takes time to understand the mechanisms involved. I have no doubt, for instance, that many companies will be ready to invest after the Summer.”

“The measures enacted by the Government, which were strongly sponsored by Minister for Economic Development Calenda," Sassi explains, "have helped us to draw attention to the many innovative technologies offered by our companies in recent years, as well as to the most recent systems showcased at Tecnargilla last September.”

The Italian ceramic machinery manufacturing sector is made up of about 150 companies with a total of 6,000 employees and an annual turnover in excess of 2,000 million euro. As an industrial sector that exports its technological expertise worldwide, the Italian ceramic machinery industry has an unrivalled level of excellence and produces the most competitive plants that modern technology can offer.

The sector's steady international growth is built on a firm tradition of knowledge, a constant drive for innovation, ongoing applied research and an extensive presence in all world markets. It enjoys a world leadership position with an export share that has grown continuously and now exceeds two-thirds of its total annual turnover.

The governing body of the Italian Ceramic Machinery Association has been elected

Moreover, Acimac's annual general meeting, held on 23rd June at Villa Marchetti, Modena, nominated the members of the Board; the governing body of the ceramic machinery association who, together with President Paolo Sassi and Vice-Presidents, Emilio Benedetti, Paolo Lamberti and Maurizio Manzini, will be managing the association for the next four years.

The Acimac general meeting nominated: Fulvio Baldini (ICF & Welko Spa), Bruno Bettelli (I-Tech Srl), Maurizio Cavagnari (Stylgraph Spa), Barbara Franchini (FM Srl), Claudio Marani (Sacmi Imola) and Armando Meletti (Esmalglass Spa). The Board also includes Fabio Tarozzi (Siti B&T Group Spa), as Past President.

The Board may be supplemented, if so proposed by the President Paolo Sassi, by representatives of major businesses and of groups of manufacturers of the same type of technologies and equipment.

The Acimac Board will sit formally for the first time at the next meeting of the association's governing body.

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