El CEO de EFI, Frank Pennisi, visita ITC-AICE y cede un equipo para potenciar la I+D+i / EFI Cretaprint donates one of its printers to the Ceramic Technology Institute (ITC-AICE) in Castellón

22.03.2023 13:26

El CEO de EFI, Frank Pennisi, acompañado de miembros de la empresa a escala internacional, así como de la delegación en Castellón, ha visitado hoy las instalaciones del Instituto de Tecnología Cerámica (ITC-AICE) en Almassora para llevar a cabo la firma de cesión de un equipo industrial de impresión digital por el que ITC-AICE podrá seguir llevando a cabo sus estudios y proyectos de I+D+i en este ámbito de una manera eficaz y acorde a las necesidades reales de la industria.

El acto de firma se ha producido entre Frank Pennisi y Juan Vicente Bono, presidente de la Asociación de Investigación de las Industrias Cerámicas (AICE).

$!Juan Vicente Bono y Frank Pennisi.

Posteriormente, han llevado a cabo una visita al Laboratorio de Impresión Digital Avanzada del instituto y también a la Planta Piloto Hipocarbónica.

EFI Cretaprint has committed to donating one of itslatest generation printers to the hypocarbon plant of the Institute of CeramicTechnology (ITC-AICE) at its headquarters in Almazora, established with the support ofthe Valencian Institute of Business Competitiveness (IVACE).

EFI Cretaprint, with its 25-year history in the ceramic industry, has established itself asone of the key players in the sector thanks to its constant commitment to innovation.The company regularly collaborates with various public institutions with the aim ofpromoting training and ceramic research.

EFI has demonstrated its commitment to efficiency and sustainability, contributingfrom the field of ceramic decoration to a manufacturing process that consumes fewerresources and generates less waste.This aligns perfectly with the objective of ITC-AICE's pilot plant, which is none otherthan to move toward the decarbonization of the ceramic industry.

Frank Pennisi, CEO of EFI, present at the signing of the transfer of the EFI Cretaprint printer, said, "The ceramic sector has proven to be very innovative and resilient.Ceramics has been the cradle of single-pass technology for EFI and the reason why theCastellón headquarters has become the company's global R&D center for high-productivity industrial printing.”

He added, "We are fully aware that the main pain points of the sector are the need toreduce its environmental impact and energy costs, and, for this reason, we havedecided to contribute actively to the development of new technological solutions thatallow progress in this area.”

TC-AICE is investigating the feasibility of using clean energies in ceramic manufacturing processes that help to reduce CO 2 levels in the atmosphere by around80% and to reduce the costs of gas and electricity invoices, which have increased bymore than 140% and 160%, respectively, in the last year.In short, the collaboration between EFI and ITC-AICE is a clear example of thecommitment of both organizations to innovation and sustainability in the ceramicssector and this equipment donation is an example of how public-private collaborationis essential to achieving significant progress.